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Movement Medicine


Movement Medicine is a creative embodied dance practice, rooted in shamanic wisdom and modern therapeutic practices. By giving embodied expression to the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental aspects of the self, we are able to access more of our innate intelligence and begin the journey towards wholeness. Through the dance we are invited to explore our relationship to self, other, community, ancestral lineage and spirit. Founded by Yaakov and Susannah Darling Khan, the school of Movement Medicine integrates their experience with practices such as 5 Rhythms, Shamanism & Gestalt Psychotherapy.

What to expect at a Movement Medicine Session

  • Support to find your own authentic expression though movement.

  • A safe & non-judgemental space where people from all walks of life are welcome.

  • Carefully selected music and clear guidance to support  your practise.

We begin our sessions with a gentle warm up where you are free to arrive into your body, stretch and gently move. Slowly building momentum, we begin to drop deeper into the awareness of the body, inviting our entire physicality to engage with the practise. We then move into exploring different themes, which may include personal expressions of the natural elements, the dance of Yin, Yang & Yung and

Solo/Group/Partner work. (No pressure or obligation! All is simply an invitation to explore).



Tantra Yoga is an ancient path of spirituality, which encompasses all aspects of life. We use asana (yoga poses) as a way to connect to the chakra system, the elemental body and to activate the lunar (receptive feminine) and solar (active masculine) sides of the body, restoring union and balance to mind, body and heart. My classes are a combination of flow, held poses and pranayama. All levels welcome.

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